I Took A Lie Detector Test...
Thomas Petrou
I Took A Lie Detector Test...
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  • Duna Al-Sourani
    Duna Al-Sourani

    Omg I am died 🤣🤣🤣

  • Emalyn Street
    Emalyn Street

    What about living with chase

  • Roblox Andtiktok
    Roblox Andtiktok


  • Dylan Dematsika
    Dylan Dematsika

    What happened between Michael and the hype house

  • Kimberly Gutierrez
    Kimberly Gutierrez

    He really said he don’t miss no one that use to live with him

  • Hoonia Hoonia
    Hoonia Hoonia

    Bro i miss micheal

  • Mason Kline
    Mason Kline

    How the hell did you guys get to Europe it’s shutdown because of covid

  • Alexander McDonald
    Alexander McDonald

    Dude, haven’t you heard of give it a prime for a good time? Pump the shit out of that carb!

  • Lyla Aragon
    Lyla Aragon

    i like your husky

  • Δήμητρα Κόλλια
    Δήμητρα Κόλλια

    cant wait till you come to Greece!!!!!!!

  • Zua Cole
    Zua Cole

    who's Karl, Carl?

  • lee Romero
    lee Romero

    Can someone please tell me why Michael left ?

  • melanie luna
    melanie luna

    What happened with Micheal

  • Makiayh Spruel
    Makiayh Spruel


  • Libby Davies
    Libby Davies

    6:15 so what boht char and dix and addi

  • Olivia Feldmann
    Olivia Feldmann

    Always pump the gas like 20 times

  • Skye Milnes
    Skye Milnes

    Do you miss Charlie

  • Jessie Rae
    Jessie Rae

    Yo what happened with Michael?!

  • Ava Galustian !
    Ava Galustian !

    Thomas has the same thumbnail face

  • Bella Gomes
    Bella Gomes

    ok but why have I just realized how fine Patrick is

    • Emalyn Street
      Emalyn Street

      Ikr I’ve always had a thing for him though

  • 🌸 Twilight_ peaches🍑
    🌸 Twilight_ peaches🍑

    You were famous and you didn’t own a suitcase omg lol

  • Tidda Tea
    Tidda Tea

    Whenever I need a good laugh I always come here

  • James


  • Imskinnyyyyyy



    Make Vinnie do a lie detector test plzzzz

  • Jeff

    Well I guess we see who had the problem with Michael lol.

    • nora munoz
      nora munoz

      what did he do?

  • Elisabeth Symanow
    Elisabeth Symanow

    I had to say good bye to my dog forever

  • Edward Sanchez
    Edward Sanchez

    What happened to Michael

    • Kiana 123
      Kiana 123

      @Edward Sanchez thank youuu

    • Edward Sanchez
      Edward Sanchez

      @Kiana 123 just seen your video’s your good at playing the piano

    • Edward Sanchez
      Edward Sanchez

      @Kiana 123 O

    • Kiana 123
      Kiana 123

      @Edward Sanchez idk any more tbh

    • Edward Sanchez
      Edward Sanchez

      @Kiana 123 I thought they got into a fight or something

  • tulixiaa

    damn he posting so much (which is great)

  • Zoe Wright
    Zoe Wright

    What happened between Thomas and Michael??

  • levina

    paris, rome, greece damn i could wish

  • Ab_Stab0

    Heyyyyy ilysm and all the hype house too

  • Hailey  🥺🥰
    Hailey 🥺🥰

    "Be careful Calvin you hurt them I kill you your know the rules" that is how I am

  • Keira Hart
    Keira Hart


  • Sophia Glasson
    Sophia Glasson

    thanks so much for the amazing vlogs

  • Jovana

    Bro why is everyone going to paris

  • Phoebe Yatron
    Phoebe Yatron

    You should make Vinnie take the test

  • Bana Dro
    Bana Dro

    Thomas you would do a lie detector test ok Vinnie pls it would be soo good!

  • laffytaffy

    OK the last question triggered my laughter the fact he was so honest ahaha

  • R Weatherley
    R Weatherley

    Does anyone actually know what's happened with these guys and Michael? I'm loving seeing him with Bryce and Tayler but it's also really weird him not being here 😕

    • Mommymilkers

      @Phoenix 𝙾𝚙𝚎𝚗 𝙼𝚢 PROFILE girl what 😂😂😂

    • Chase Hudson Collective
      Chase Hudson Collective

      @Mommymilkers ya nick stoped hanging with chase, and Ryland to. so major fight went down with a whole bunch of people prob. or chase is just a asshole. i think he drops people

    • Mommymilkers

      @R Weatherley I think it’s because Mia and Michael where fighting a lot

    • R Weatherley
      R Weatherley

      @Kiana 123 yeah and he said that he doesn't miss anyone that's left, seems really strange as when Michael moved out they said he would be back everyday but he just hasn't. Michael met up with Nick but none of the others did 🤷‍♂️

    • Iman

      @Kiana 123 yea nick and Thomas unfollowed each other I’m pretty sure he’s in no good contact with anyone that left

  • Ghita Arar
    Ghita Arar

    We need Vinnie taking lie detector

  • Megan Fowler
    Megan Fowler

    Why are you going to France right after DD did?

  • Elena William
    Elena William

    pleaseeee have vinnie take a lie detector test

  • Melina. Christine
    Melina. Christine

    Idc what anyone says.. these vlogs are so entertaining!

  • Karina Melissa
    Karina Melissa

    can’t wait for the europe vlogs

  • excuse me ily
    excuse me ily

    Istg this man has met every tiktoker

  • Eva

    That was TEA...

  • Chloe Hibner
    Chloe Hibner

    claim your one hour ticket ⬇️🎟

  • ZeoWolfrider200

    Have you seen the relic of the Greek gods

  • Zoe Thomas
    Zoe Thomas

    Just wanted to say how happy your videos make me and I know if I’m having a bad day I can come watch your content and it will make me laugh. Just appreciate your content and love to be a fan!

  • Kristel Furnari
    Kristel Furnari

    Ciao sono italiana

  • Jershua Diaz
    Jershua Diaz

    What happened to Michael ???

  • White One
    White One

    I love you so much guys

  • kayla playzroblox
    kayla playzroblox

    Thomas ur eyebrows looking good today

  • Evana Calouro
    Evana Calouro

    i look forward to these blogs everyday.

  • Louis Luzuka
    Louis Luzuka

    Daily gang checking in 🙏🏽

  • saima ahmed
    saima ahmed

    My days have been the best ever since he started daily vlogs

  • Jason Richardson
    Jason Richardson

    Have you tried starter fluid in the carburetor on the old mustang? Those old carbs are alot to deal with it should have a 4 barrel carb spray it into the front or primary chamber no need to open up the rear chamber.

  • Hannah Dalton
    Hannah Dalton

    Claim your here before 100000 views

  • Emily Mennetti
    Emily Mennetti

    623rd like I'm so happy Thomas is posting daily vlogs he's making me smile

  • Cloudnine

    Wow cuz I just know this lie detector man's so over everything lol💀

  • Ema Omer.
    Ema Omer.

    Okay, thumbnail and name of the video made me interested, but the first question even more!😩🤑😩👍

  • Riadh Maâz
    Riadh Maâz

    by far one of the best videos u've ever posted Thomas , keep going 🔥

    • s a s h
      s a s h

      Ikr it was hella fun

  • Aina Mysara
    Aina Mysara


  • Abell Seyfu
    Abell Seyfu

    One doesn’t experience self transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates 🎈

    • Hannah Mirembe
      Hannah Mirembe


  • Sebastian Reyna
    Sebastian Reyna

    Hey, Thomas you make my day every time you make a RSloft videos

  • Cloudy

    Thomas doesn’t know this but now since he is posting videos every day and daily vlogging he makes my day so much better and hopefully you will still continue daily vlogging for ages to come!

    • Naileaismymommy

      @Steven Setu still like Thomas sees it his every video like we get it

    • Steven Setu
      Steven Setu

      @Naileaismymommy yeah but it's not dedicated to you.

    • Cloudy

      If you don’t care then stop reading my comment, just ignore it lol

    • Cloudy

      @Naileaismymommy well I will do what I like, and keep on doing it on every video

    • Naileaismymommy

      @Cloudy you keep saying that like ok we get it

  • Jeremiah Aguiar
    Jeremiah Aguiar

    Ladies and gentlemen were almost to the Europe vlog😳😳

  • Sebastian Reyna
    Sebastian Reyna

    Hey Thomas is going to be my birthday in October 24th I was wondering if you want to come

  • Shahad Ld
    Shahad Ld


  • Caitlin Walker
    Caitlin Walker

    Daily content wow I love this

  • a girl who✨Simps✨
    a girl who✨Simps✨

    He does too much to entertain us! Let's appreciate that

  • Naledi Seboni
    Naledi Seboni

    Please pull more pranks on the house and please handcuff vinnie and Patrick for 24 hours and please do a lie detector test on vinnie

  • Divine

    oop- I LITERALLY DIDN'T GET A NOTIFICATION, youtube letting me down

  • Fatima Wasserfall
    Fatima Wasserfall

    Early 🥰

  • Caleb Wiriya
    Caleb Wiriya

    Finally im early

  • Adri

    Hey Thomas love your vids can you Please say hi🥰🥰🥰

  • Mitko Atanasov
    Mitko Atanasov

    Is vinnie coming =/

  • Kgrtsou

    Come to Athens pls

  • Olivia

    Imagine Vinnie taking the lie detector test…

    • sky

      uhh waiting for that one

    • Leanne Hacker
      Leanne Hacker

      I’m waiting for this one

    • Hailey  🥺🥰
      Hailey 🥺🥰

      yep that would be awesome

    • a girl who✨Simps✨
      a girl who✨Simps✨

      It would be so fucked up

  • Ivana Markovic
    Ivana Markovic

    We love daily content!

  • Bella

    Love the hype house

  • Naledi Seboni
    Naledi Seboni

    Please pull more pranks on vinnie and please handcuff vinnie and Patrick please do a lie detector test on vinnie

  • Bella

    Love the video ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Hannah O Roshell
    Hannah O Roshell

    Can’t wait to see this lol

  • Arielle Bachrach
    Arielle Bachrach

    Love your videos!!

  • miley lewis
    miley lewis


  • prxncess_dani

    I'm early for the first time!!!

  • Collin Hagan
    Collin Hagan

    Aye I puttin this here said it was 25 secs posted

  • Betzy Lopez
    Betzy Lopez

    I was watching On My Block and ran to this video

  • Chill Pill
    Chill Pill

    Ayo get Thomas to 2 mil

  • Miana Camilleri
    Miana Camilleri

    Hi I love your videos

  • Elizabeth Torres
    Elizabeth Torres

    firstt 🤣❤

    • Charlotte Bennett
      Charlotte Bennett


  • Charlotte Bennett
    Charlotte Bennett


  • Adryana Braga
    Adryana Braga

    I know this is gonna be funny I love you Thomas

  • A M A N D A
    A M A N D A

    Hiii Thomas

  • Lina Jennane
    Lina Jennane


  • Ke'ara Simmons
    Ke'ara Simmons


  • Koffa Singbeh
    Koffa Singbeh

    i’m early holy

  • kimberlee torres
    kimberlee torres


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