They moved out...
Thomas Petrou
They moved out...
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  • Hannah Caridi
    Hannah Caridi

    Get another cat so it can mate if u gonna have a cat room

  • Niaja Bowles
    Niaja Bowles

    It was so fun in 2019-2020

  • It's Briii
    It's Briii


  • Makiayh Spruel
    Makiayh Spruel


  • Szaszkó Blanka
    Szaszkó Blanka


  • Pam Cordisco
    Pam Cordisco

    Yes weekly videos

  • Sylasco89

    make the walls into the house glass so that he can still see everything and everyone in the house

  • Kaleigh Ingersoll
    Kaleigh Ingersoll

    Get damienkaterr for the house!!

  • marifer cardona
    marifer cardona

    this is so sadddd

  • Mackenzie Hunt
    Mackenzie Hunt

    Yeah Monday through Friday and then you have Saturday and Sunday off

  • Addison Rae Fanpage
    Addison Rae Fanpage


  • BabyGirl Bubble Tea
    BabyGirl Bubble Tea

    Crazy macaroni

  • Unnat Mishra
    Unnat Mishra

    Where's micheal??

  • Julie Plourde
    Julie Plourde


  • carmenrivera l
    carmenrivera l

    are you guys still coming out on netflix?

  • Keisha Jones
    Keisha Jones


  • Cici Tomlinson
    Cici Tomlinson


  • streampiedpiper


  • Mrs teal
    Mrs teal

    I’ve Ben here since confer lived in the closet

  • Madison Michaels
    Madison Michaels

    Crazy macaroni

  • Rose Williams
    Rose Williams

    Anyone saw how he spelled October to Octoeber?😂😂😂

  • baby Dowdell
    baby Dowdell


  • QxeenB33 Arii‼
    QxeenB33 Arii‼


  • QxeenB33 Arii‼
    QxeenB33 Arii‼

    ooh. Thomas, are you gonna ask Markell to move into the Hype House?

  • Aubrey Grace
    Aubrey Grace

    I love the new idea for the schedule!!! And I’m gonna miss everyone so much but this is a good thing and something great is gonna happen soon

  • nova

    Crazy macaroni

  • Esther Asiimwe
    Esther Asiimwe

    Crazy macaroni

  • Amruta Karwatkar
    Amruta Karwatkar


  • Jennifer ☀️
    Jennifer ☀️

    I WANNA SEE TIMMY’S ROOM MAKEOVER!!! Make a separate video on it pls 😩

  • Jaelee Bishop
    Jaelee Bishop

    What happens with the show??

  • Madzii Sun
    Madzii Sun

    Crazy macaroni

  • Sil Townes
    Sil Townes

    Crazy macaroni

  • Farah Al Mukhaini
    Farah Al Mukhaini

    I love you so much guys

  • °Black Dragon°
    °Black Dragon°

    I think they got kick out by him

  • Danielle Huizar
    Danielle Huizar

    Yes do it

  • ~silita~

    I'm gonna miss them but they can sill see you tho right?????

  • Dawson Carlberg
    Dawson Carlberg


  • Ava Dromgoole
    Ava Dromgoole

    Is the hype house over

  • Jayny Richardson
    Jayny Richardson

    Yes the Monday and Friday vlogs

  • Rosee Pretter
    Rosee Pretter

    the hammer tech gets me every time

  • Rachel Elana
    Rachel Elana

    Crazy macaroni

  • Sami Christou
    Sami Christou

    cars and coffee is on saturday

  • Jackson Shaw
    Jackson Shaw

    crazy macaroni

  • …manmeet

    I’m not crying u are

  • Bryan Vasquez
    Bryan Vasquez


  • Vanessa

    Crazy macaroni

  • Vanessa

    Crazy macaroni

  • Judeline Etienne
    Judeline Etienne

    hi thomas❤️

  • Madi Wallace
    Madi Wallace

    Is everyone else moving out as well?

  • Jayla griffin
    Jayla griffin

    Crazy macaroni

  • Kayron Williams
    Kayron Williams

    I can't the day the video came on so 1 day later🙄

  • Nylahara Nylahara
    Nylahara Nylahara

    Crazy macaroni

  • RodloxEditsXoxo

    The hyp house is not the same with out them

  • ColetteCrazy

    Crazy Macaroni

  • Nova's Roblox Adventures
    Nova's Roblox Adventures

    I have a savannah tabby cat and she pyscho

  • Averie Nolasco
    Averie Nolasco

    What happened to artims are aero

  • Cole Fortuin
    Cole Fortuin

    Crazy macaroni

  • Martha kane
    Martha kane

    Yes that plan for the daily vlogging is a go!

  • _Crafting_with_nina _
    _Crafting_with_nina _

    Crazy macaroni

  • Iyanna Dejesus
    Iyanna Dejesus

    crazy macaroni

  • Brandy Lynn
    Brandy Lynn


  • Isaiah Spencer
    Isaiah Spencer

    I love 💞 that cat 😺😸

  • Isaiah Spencer
    Isaiah Spencer

    Yeah Monday to Friday vlog sounds good 💯

  • Thandolwakhe Thando
    Thandolwakhe Thando

    if vinnie does want girls he's age would he mind younger girls😂

  • ewitslillie

    0:50 yes u should totally do that you shouldn't feel obligated to post every day

  • Chelsea Marriott
    Chelsea Marriott

    What happened to Artemis?

  • Naomi Jimenez
    Naomi Jimenez

    Crazy macaroni

  • sofea

    0:25 am i the only one who noticed the ocTOEber

  • Zahraa Ashkanani
    Zahraa Ashkanani

    Crazy macaroni

  • Cam White
    Cam White

    Crazy macaroni

  • Lily Yue
    Lily Yue

    They really worked for their houses it’s incredible they do deserve it

  • Natasha Allen
    Natasha Allen

    the love for your cat

  • Sia Andrios
    Sia Andrios

    Go ask to live with them again i would break in and put a mattress there and sleep there untill they find me

  • Kam Rupert
    Kam Rupert

    Crazy macaroni

  • Sophia Scuderi
    Sophia Scuderi

    I think you should have off on Saturday and Sunday

  • JT Parreno
    JT Parreno

    Crazy Mack and cheese

  • alysha ajaney🇮🇪
    alysha ajaney🇮🇪

    yes do the new schedule

  • Ca'Preace Carpenter
    Ca'Preace Carpenter

    Crazy macaroni

  • Abongile Teyise
    Abongile Teyise

    When is the Netflix show coming out, or is it already out??

  • Teena Villagomez
    Teena Villagomez

    Crazy macaroni

  • dhriti kapoor
    dhriti kapoor

    Crazy macaroni

  • Liliana Ii
    Liliana Ii

    can someone explain to be what happened to artemis

  • Biancaxdumb

    October Spelling Mistake LOL 😪😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂💀💀💀

  • Imjusttmal

    Are there new members caming to the house

  • Kushgirl 420
    Kushgirl 420

    That kitty is so pretty.

  • Komal Hirawat
    Komal Hirawat

    the schedule sounds cool bro!

  • sallu658

    Crazy macaroni❤️

  • nOt whO yOu tHink iT iS
    nOt whO yOu tHink iT iS

    is it just me who kinda wants nailea to move in now :/

  • Laila Jozdan
    Laila Jozdan

    Thomas take a break on the weekends you need it

  • tiana

    wheres michael :(

  • Paggie Neiman
    Paggie Neiman

    Crazy macaroni

  • Jessica Rose Thomas
    Jessica Rose Thomas

    They still chill with Ryland?

  • Jackson Griffin
    Jackson Griffin

    Yes do it

  • mBROgaming

    Say less

  • Tera Jones
    Tera Jones


  • Tomash D Vlog
    Tomash D Vlog

    Love from🇮🇳 lndia

  • Vaishnavi Koli
    Vaishnavi Koli

    Crazy macaroni

  • Hope Lemon
    Hope Lemon

    we like the emotional bits!! please don’t stop showing us the raw emotional parts :)

  • Jani Banani
    Jani Banani

    im really not supposed to be sad about this D:

  • Kayla D
    Kayla D