Why They're Not Moving In...
Why They're Not Moving In...
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  • Cristina Matei
    Cristina Matei

    blue christmas.

  • Hazel Cunningham
    Hazel Cunningham

    pov: the TFOX scooters are turned into a weapon

  • Ameli Magnon
    Ameli Magnon

    i wanna move in

  • Amber-Leigh REX-KULATEA
    Amber-Leigh REX-KULATEA

    blue christmas

  • Ava Frost 2024
    Ava Frost 2024

    Blue Christmas

  • chambiestapes

    the reason chase couldn’t leave LA is because he made a movie and he’s making songs

  • Rihantzia Michel
    Rihantzia Michel

    Thomas u should play among us in the house pls pls pls pls.

  • ellie grace
    ellie grace

    Instead of hating on nikita and her mas ( even though its not to suitable) just actually respect that she's wearing some kind of thing on her face-

  • K_BeAr- K
    K_BeAr- K

    Blue Christmas 🎄

  • Collective_ Dino
    Collective_ Dino

    Blue cristmas

  • aaliyah Anna Escobedo
    aaliyah Anna Escobedo

    Blue Christmas

  • mha_fan


  • Elanur C
    Elanur C


  • Elanur C
    Elanur C


  • Mia Ferreira
    Mia Ferreira

    Blue Christmas

  • Lucy Hannula
    Lucy Hannula

    The reason he could move it because of 21st century vampire

  • emma vavu
    emma vavu

    i sear its gonna be march that chase is working on

  • Hannah Busald
    Hannah Busald

    It’s not the hype house without Ryland Nick and Chase

  • Iris Medalle
    Iris Medalle

    a song guys

  • Viviana Newlin
    Viviana Newlin

    Blue Christmas

  • M1rqculxus

    ok im gonna move in with rykand and chase and nick cause i live in nicks dresser wait thats why he never goes in it anymore

  • Maci McKernan
    Maci McKernan

    is it just me or do i think chase is building a new house like another hype house

  • Michelle George
    Michelle George

    Is it just me or Michael is cute

  • Kat183 Among us
    Kat183 Among us

    Red Christmas 😏

  • Haniya Passand
    Haniya Passand

    Blue Christmas...ur welcome

  • NovaStar

    ok nikita wtf is that mask like what why just why

  • Josie Walia
    Josie Walia

    is it just me or have the notifications for thomas’s channel haven’t been working-

  • Roblox girl
    Roblox girl

    Its gonna be so different with out them nooooooo but i still cant wait in till he gets a house 😭

  • Nela Levačić
    Nela Levačić

    Does anyone think that this project was downfalls high and 21. century vamire?

  • Noah Draper
    Noah Draper

    Y do they act exactly like me and my friends

  • Kerry McWilliams
    Kerry McWilliams


  • janine winters
    janine winters

    ive seen this but why did they move and he didnt explain why nick and ryland are moving

  • Aaron Wilkinson
    Aaron Wilkinson


  • Minty FN
    Minty FN

    Can you do a house tour

  • that1girl.


  • Arne Norheim
    Arne Norheim

    Blue christmas

  • Emma Diachenko
    Emma Diachenko

    That’s the mask my buss driver wears for school lol

  • Naima Hersi
    Naima Hersi

    Blue christmas

  • Jocelyn Urtiz
    Jocelyn Urtiz

    Blue Christmas

  • Draco Malfoy-Love
    Draco Malfoy-Love

    All the comments are about nick ryland and chase being funny together have you seen Micheal and Calvin together

  • Brooke Tanner
    Brooke Tanner

    the reason chase prolly had to stay in LA was because of downfall high. by MGK

  • Ava Michal
    Ava Michal

    No one: Still no one: Not even a single soul: Thomas saying good morning when it’s night 💀

  • Asmrlover0910 Asmr
    Asmrlover0910 Asmr

    Blue Christmas

  • Emma Cardoza
    Emma Cardoza

    blue charismas

  • Mike Krzywicki
    Mike Krzywicki

    What’s the new house called

  • Dakota Hossler
    Dakota Hossler

    Blue Christmas! I love the new house btw

  • Beatriz Sousa
    Beatriz Sousa

    Nickita has to wear a fucking mask when will she understand that that thing shes wearing doesnt protect her AT ALL

  • Jesca Koedam
    Jesca Koedam

    but where is angel?

  • DancerGymnast202 Backhandspring202
    DancerGymnast202 Backhandspring202

    Blue Christmas

  • Potato Girl
    Potato Girl

    But is he going to to move houses after he’s project

  • Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11
    Savage_kenz.11 Boerner_baby.11

    "Blue Christmas."

  • Cass

    The only house that’s still going well is the sway house .... sorry guys it’s my opinion

  • Kalani Khim
    Kalani Khim

    📀 blue Christmas📀

  • Statesmxn

    Blue Christmas

  • Nigela Forbes
    Nigela Forbes

    blue christmas

  • Arianna Lewis
    Arianna Lewis

    Blue Christmas

  • Alexis Snyder
    Alexis Snyder

    Chase isn't moving in because he is making a movie with jaden Hossler and MGK

  • Matthew Richards
    Matthew Richards


  • Samiyah Ali
    Samiyah Ali

    Blue💙 Christmas🎄

  • AZ 360
    AZ 360

    blue christmas

  • pigevie


  • Addison Collins
    Addison Collins

    Nah it’s just the house now because Nick chase and ryland are gone 😭✋🏻

  • Savannah Fusaro
    Savannah Fusaro

    Is it bad I’m stalking your vids and not doing math

  • girlwhodraws

    i miss the old hype house


    i love Michel he is my favorite in the vlogs i love him so much

  • Dayana Lara
    Dayana Lara

    So chase nick and ryland are the hype house but part 2

  • levina

    thomas: "nikita, dont crash" nikita: " i wanna hit the child" 😭

  • playing roblox
    playing roblox

    its merch that chasd is making i think

  • Fidel Flores
    Fidel Flores

    Nicki gurl there is no point in wearing a mask.....no more.............

  • Chantelle Oneill
    Chantelle Oneill

    blue christmas

  • Angie P
    Angie P

    blue christmas

  • purple heart
    purple heart

    First day:90 people 6 monts later 4 people

  • Maddox Ghisolfi
    Maddox Ghisolfi

    Can’t wait for the movie 😭

  • Mara Oprea
    Mara Oprea

    Blue christmas 💙

  • Erika Silva
    Erika Silva

    Blue Christmas

  • Im a Chicken nugget
    Im a Chicken nugget

    Nikitas mask is bullshit 😂😂😂

  • Jazmine Hernandez
    Jazmine Hernandez


  • Aggelos Mantikos
    Aggelos Mantikos

    Have they done a video why Addison did not stay in the house with them?? In the second house

  • Melissa White
    Melissa White

    Blue Christmas

  • Jada

    Blue Christmas

  • Hana Korac
    Hana Korac

    Blue Christmas

  • Natalyn Tarr
    Natalyn Tarr

    He makes it sound like chase is going to jail or somethin

  • Ami11 1
    Ami11 1

    wait..where is the other house if it isn’t in la?

  • Lizzie Case
    Lizzie Case

    Blue Christmas

  • Gabi Dz
    Gabi Dz

    i think chase is making music

  • Raegan Ward
    Raegan Ward

    Anyone else feel like hype house just isn't really it anymore. Like it's good it's just not as iconic.

  • Rozy W
    Rozy W

    Nick and Roland AND CHASE there’s no hype house no more

  • Anuska Kruska
    Anuska Kruska

    blue christmas

  • Vanessa Morgan
    Vanessa Morgan

    Why i am crying

  • Multi_ Cookies
    Multi_ Cookies

    Why Nick ryland and chase aren’t in the hype house ☹️

  • Shani Mwende
    Shani Mwende

    New house looks good NGL

  • Amahlee Brown
    Amahlee Brown

    blue christmas

  • Jason Cinco
    Jason Cinco

    can someone tell me if vinnie is moving in and a time stamp? cuz the drama in tiktok is just...i-

  • Z.swervo

    Blue Christmas

  • Mackenzie Ginn
    Mackenzie Ginn

    is vinnie joining? cause suddenly hes moving out where he is now and now u guys are getting new members so like wth is going on???

  • Madeline Avalos
    Madeline Avalos

    My tamales are cooking 😂😂😂

  • Caitlyn07 x
    Caitlyn07 x

    Chase is working on a film if u didn’t know..

  • Danielle Lewis
    Danielle Lewis

    Can i be the first 12 yrs old in the hype house please

  • Asia ricks
    Asia ricks

    If chase needed to stay in la for business reasons why is he in the Bahamas y’all lie bad

  • Lauryn Behan
    Lauryn Behan

    Plz do a house tour