You Won't Believe What Happened!
You Won't Believe What Happened!
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  • Gavin Beck
    Gavin Beck

    At 3:14 that kids face is so weird

  • Jordan Francis
    Jordan Francis

    Gummy soda

  • Xiomara Ortiz-Ponce
    Xiomara Ortiz-Ponce

    Gummy soda lol 😆😋

  • mila

    gummy soda

  • Faith_fidget Williams
    Faith_fidget Williams

    Gummy soda

  • Sherlene Garcia
    Sherlene Garcia

    Gummy soda

  • Shania Castro
    Shania Castro


  • rich abines
    rich abines

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  • Kylie Dreyer
    Kylie Dreyer

    Gummy soda

  • Megan A
    Megan A

    Gummy soda

  • TaZe clan 3.0
    TaZe clan 3.0

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  • Isabella Bonarelli
    Isabella Bonarelli

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  • Lennon LaTour
    Lennon LaTour

    Gummy soda

  • Isabella Hancock
    Isabella Hancock

    Gummy soda

  • manuela sgambato
    manuela sgambato

    gummy soda

  • Nina Ku
    Nina Ku

    Congrats Vinnie your wearing clothes👏

  • Sienna Sevieri
    Sienna Sevieri

    gummy soda

  • bem bembem
    bem bembem

    gummy soda..

  • Solar Eclipse
    Solar Eclipse

    vinnie is fucking smart

  • jayjay ortiz
    jayjay ortiz

    Is it true that chchc ir dieing

  • Natalie

    when vinnie talks about shifting

  • Diesel Sutton
    Diesel Sutton

    Gummy soda

  • guoste grikeviciute
    guoste grikeviciute

    gummy sode

  • Charotte Queenzzz
    Charotte Queenzzz

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  • Kenneen Williams
    Kenneen Williams

    gummy stout

  • Haylee Leblanc
    Haylee Leblanc

    Gummie Soda

  • Haylee Leblanc
    Haylee Leblanc

    i have the Hype House hoodie on right now actully

  • OOP-


  • Jennifer Colon
    Jennifer Colon

    gummy soda

  • Josie Christians
    Josie Christians

    Gummy soda

  • Madison Coe
    Madison Coe

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  • Paula Szkudlarek
    Paula Szkudlarek

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  • Aubree Wroblewski
    Aubree Wroblewski

    Gummy soda

  • Maiya Corbin
    Maiya Corbin

    Gummy soda

  • abby williams
    abby williams

    Please make more videos with Vinnie😍

  • Drgonpup_Playz

    Honestly vinnie is kinda cute😶😳

  • aqua ASMR
    aqua ASMR

    Gummy soda


    Gummy soda sounds so good right now if you know what I mean 😉

  • Mylissa Swain
    Mylissa Swain

    Gummy soda

  • Scarletmae09 hehe
    Scarletmae09 hehe

    gummy soda

  • Ruby’s Vlogs
    Ruby’s Vlogs

    Hi gummy soda

  • Gibby Wawa
    Gibby Wawa

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  • Harry _ Tomlinson 23
    Harry _ Tomlinson 23

    Gummy Sarah

  • Karlee and Jonny plays Roblox with you
    Karlee and Jonny plays Roblox with you

    Gummy soda

  • Alisha Surkovic
    Alisha Surkovic

    Gummy Soda

  • Ronal Corea
    Ronal Corea

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  • Sherie Granata
    Sherie Granata

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  • elizabeth

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  • Gracie

    Gummy soda

  • Gabriel Cardenas
    Gabriel Cardenas

    Mia is my favorite person in the hype house

  • Rihantzia Michel
    Rihantzia Michel

    Gummy Soad

  • Angela Castillo
    Angela Castillo

    That’s actually a lie we have fires every year and I recommend getting insurance that covers fires

  • Fozia Mogalli
    Fozia Mogalli

    “Vinnie taught me this in the closet”. SNDNDNDNND

  • Mohammed Salem
    Mohammed Salem

    Jamai Sora

  • Aiyana Peck
    Aiyana Peck

    Gummy soda ♥️♥️♥️😂

  • your local gay bitch lune
    your local gay bitch lune

    Gummy soda ^-^

  • Starfire

    Gummy sodaaaa

  • Xx_Riley_xX

    Gummy soda

  • Monica

    yummy soda 🥤

  • The Bubblies
    The Bubblies

    gUmMy sOdA

  • Shona

    Hi 🙋🏾‍♀️ God loves you Jesus is coming back soon be ready you are so loved and appreciated spread the word so more people can know and love God give your life to God he has got the best plan for you God loves you so much he brought Jesus down to die for you so we could be happy God bless you 🥺🙏🏾🤍

  • Faith Miranda
    Faith Miranda

    Got me sota

  • John Steininger
    John Steininger

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  • janet connolly
    janet connolly

    Gummy soda

  • Zyaire Gaddy
    Zyaire Gaddy

    Gummy sodaaaaaaa😂😂😂

  • Taetae and Yeontan
    Taetae and Yeontan

    the fire tho

  • Ayla Quint
    Ayla Quint

    gummy soda

  • Sophie Broom
    Sophie Broom

    Gummy soda

  • Zoe Carrington
    Zoe Carrington

    Lol I’m wearing that exact hoodie from target rn while watching this lol

  • Lilli Dorendorf
    Lilli Dorendorf

    Gummi soda

  • *• Devils tea •*
    *• Devils tea •*

    Fun facts I’m watching this at 4:28 am 😃😂

  • *• Devils tea •*
    *• Devils tea •*

    Fun facts I’m watching this at 4:28 😃😂

  • Jahzara Smith
    Jahzara Smith

    Gummy soda

  • Ivan

    What did vinnie do to be “known “ again ?🧍🏽 lmao cos ...

  • Rocio Martineztiktok
    Rocio Martineztiktok


  • Angy.3012

    Gunmy sodaaaa

  • Nimrit Sandhu
    Nimrit Sandhu

    gummy soda

  • Gaming with Ellie
    Gaming with Ellie

    Gummy soda

  • Maimouna barry tv
    Maimouna barry tv

    gummy soda

  • Maria Tejada
    Maria Tejada

    Hi I am ten and I love your vids gammy soda

  • M.A

    gummy soda

  • Rosalie Cook
    Rosalie Cook

    Gummy soda😊

  • Dumb shit Silly
    Dumb shit Silly

    No wonder why Calvins a virgin he fights and Vasoline

  • Collective_ Dino
    Collective_ Dino

    Gummy soda

  • melly01394

    Gummy‘s soda and I have your Murch

  • Kryshtyn Smith
    Kryshtyn Smith


  • My'Ola Morrow
    My'Ola Morrow

    Thomas: And you know what brings you to joy, meeting the woman of your dreams. And since I’ve already done that… Me: OMG, I love Thomas and Mia. I hope he gives her a promise ring 🥰❤️

  • Samantha Ramey
    Samantha Ramey

    Gummie soda? 😂

  • Roblox players xX
    Roblox players xX

    Gummy soda

  • Tyra Bergvall
    Tyra Bergvall

    gummy soda

  • Nevaeh Zamor
    Nevaeh Zamor

    Gummy soda

  • Esme Fox
    Esme Fox

    I love how Vinnie and Patty we’re just being stupid if Calvin was there they would of been the stupid trio lol am I right

  • Katie Ellington
    Katie Ellington

    Gummy sodaaaaaaa

  • gru stan
    gru stan

    gummy soda

  • levina

    "vinnie taught me this in the closet" - micheal

  • Kambria Provencio
    Kambria Provencio

    Vinnie is 🥵🥵the next definition of hot and gummy soda

  • Daniella Rodriguez
    Daniella Rodriguez

    gummy soda

  • tiffany beaney
    tiffany beaney

    gummy soda

  • Cierra Downing
    Cierra Downing

    “Anything is possible in time and space dude” 😭

  • Cierra Downing
    Cierra Downing

    I came here for Vinnie but Micheal is hilarious I’ll give them that

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